Darkbreeches was born in 1976 in Caen (France). Fist attracted by the comic strip, the young person start very early to draw long frescos recalling the unloading in Normandy of June 1944, made historical marking his native area. A detailed attention is already paid to the details of the uniforms… After 6 years of lessons at an Art High School, he enters the studio of a professional artist. He learns the traditional techniques from the drawing, watercolor and oil painting. Landscapes, fruits and flowers, portraits…we are then well far from any erotism !

In parallel, Darkbreeches develops a very particular fetishism for leather in all its forms. This one becomes the principal inspiration source, allied with gay erotism. The discovery of Tom of Finland is an important stage in the intimate and artistic development of Darkbreeches. It is with the sight of the drawings of Kake, all into black leather, quite tight buttocks in his breeches, that the Darkbreeches nickname is found: the obscure side of the gay community more and more public and the leather symbol of an aggressive virility. Darkbreeches becomes member of the BLUF.

The painting of Darkbreeches combines the beloved topics at the leather community with the most traditional techniques. He then dissociates other heirs to Tom of Finland, more turned towards the world of the comic strip.